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19 Reasons You’ll Want to Visit Costa Brava in Spain Right Now

by Michele
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costa brava travel guide - why you should visit Costa Brava
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Costa Brava should definitely be your next holiday destination. After reading this first part of my complete Costa Brava travel guide, you’ll be booking your tickets faster than you can say, adios!

In the northwest corner of the Mediterranean is the sun-kissed land of Costa Brava, a rugged 200-kilometre-long coastline lined with pine-edged coves, golden beaches, and crystal clear water. Its beauty extends inland with Costa Brava being the home of important Greco-Roman ruins, quiet Medieval villages, and boasting a unique artistic heritage thanks to its most famous native, Salvador Dalí.

I spent five days in Costa Brava, which was was my first Catalonian experience and one I’ll never forget. I was blown away by its long history, incredible beauty, and of course the mouthwatering food found all over the Costa Brava. This pocket of Spain has something for everyone with a variety of things to do. So, if you fancy being a beach bum, a history nerd, an art critic, a Games of Thrones fan, or simply eat your way around, you can do it all and more in Costa Brava.

Want more information about Costa Brava? Check out my ultimate 5-day Costa Brava itinerary an travel guide which includes climate info, the best time to visit, getting around, plus loads more practical information.

If you’re still not convinced the Costa Brava checks all your boxes, here are 19 reasons why you should definitely visit Costa Brava.

1. Costa Brava’s coastline is spectacular

costa brava travel guide - costa brava travel guide - Camins de Ronda

Birdseye view of the Coastal Path in S’Agaro

It’s all in the name. Costa Brava’s major drawcard is its coastline as reflected in its name which literally means ‘rugged coast’ or ‘rough coast’, and rightly so.

Costa Brava has some of the bluest and clearest water in the world and the largest stretches of sand in Spain. Even artists like Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso holidayed on the scenic Costa Brava coastline.

Don’t miss: S’Agaró. Take the coast walk for incredible views like this.

costa brava travel guide - S'Agaro coastal path

Coastal Path at S’Agaro

2. Costa Brava has important Roman, Greek and Iberian archaeological sites

costa brava travel guide - Ruins of Empúries

Ruins of Empúries

Walk amongst the ruins at archaeological sites that back to over 2,500 years.

Explore the idyllic location of the Greek and Roman ruins of Empúries, learn about the Iberians’ way of life and burial rituals at the settlement in Ullastret, and walk in the footsteps of Roman Emperors who once lived at today’s Tarragona Roman Ruins.

Don’t miss: Empúries. The ruins of Empúries was once the home of an ancient colony founded in the 6th century BC by the Greeks and later occupied by the Romans in the 1st century BC. These ruins are surrounded by beaches and coves with spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

3. Costa Brava has loads of charming medieval towns

costa brava travel guide - costa brava travel guide - Peratallada

Charming building in Peratallada

Costa Brava has over a dozen Medieval towns each more charming than the last. See the medieval quarter in Girona (where Game of Thrones was filmed), climb the castle in Tossa de Mar, gaze over the mountainous Cap de Creus, and walk down quaint alleyways in Pals. If you can’t see them all then…

Don’t miss: Besalù and Peratallada, these towns ooze with charm make for perfect day trips.

costa brava travel guide - Tossa de Mar castle

View over Tossa de Mar castle

costa brava travel guide - besalu bridge

The scenic bridge in Besalú

4. Costa Brava has great weather all year round

costa brava travel guide - S'Agaro coastal path

View of the Coastal Path at S’Agaro

Costa Brava has a mild to warm climate making it the perfect destination to visit all year-round.

Since it’s located in northeast of Spain, Costa Brava has slightly cooler temperatures than most of the country which means it has cooler winters but also very pleasant summers.

5. Costa Brava has beaches for Days

costa brava travel guide - S'Agaro beach

View of S’Agaro beach

Few places come close to competing with the sheer beauty of the Costa Brava and its wide sandy beaches. There’s a mix of untouched beaches while others are a bit more urbanised.

Most beaches are well-equipped with all the usual services and facilities such as sports equipment hire and toilet, showers and change rooms plus a little beachside kiosk.

Don’t miss: Tossa de Mar. With three gorgeous beaches to choose from, who wouldn’t want to swim alongside a castle clad coastline? Plus, the old town is a must-see.

costa brava travel guide - Tossa de Mar old town

6. Costa Brava has some of the best food in Spain

Home to some of the world’s best chefs, the Costa Brava has some of the best food in Europe and often at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere in Europe.

From beachside cafés to Michelin-starred restaurants, Costa Brava caters to all budgets. Pun intended!

Its cuisine is influenced both by its coastal location and proximity to the Girona Pyrenees, which means seafood and meats are on the menu.

What to eat: The Costa Brava food scene revolves around rice, suquet, and traditional seafood dishes. Don’t miss pan Catalan, similar to Italy’s Bruschetta but with smashed tomatoes. Sounds simple but it’s all about the tomatoes here.

7. Costa Brava is the home of Salvador Dali

costa brava travel guide - dali theatre museum

Dalí Theatre and Museum exterior

He might seem strange but you can’t deny the brilliance that is Salvador Dalí. Born and raised in Figueres, located near the French border, Dalí has left his mark on his hometown with what is the world’s largest surrealist object. Visit Figueres and learn more about Dalí and the symbolism in his work.

Don’t miss: The Dalí Theatre and Museum and Dalí’s house in Portlligat which is now a museum.

costa brava travel guide - dali theatre museum Mae West

Mae West display at Dalí Theatre and Museum

8. Costa Brava has got Game of Thrones tours

costa brava travel guide - Girona game of thrones tour

Visiting Game of Thrones locations in Girona’s Jewish Quarter

When in Girona, geek out and take a Game of Thrones tour! Seven episodes of the wildly successful series were filmed here on location as part of season 6. Now you can visit each of the locations in a guided tour that offers the perfect mix of Girona history while showing you each of the locations used in the series.

If you can’t recall the particular Game of Thrones scene, the guide will even pull it up on an iPad to remind you.

Don’t miss: The Jewish Quarter in Girona, numerous scenes were shot here.

costa brava travel guide - Girona game of thrones tour

9. Costa Brava is a hub for water sports

Kayaking in Lloret de Mar

There is no limit to the water sports on offer in Costa Brava. Choose from stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, flyboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, and, of course, jet-skiing.

Snorkelling in Lloret de Mar

10. Costa Brava has world-class golf courses

Costa Brava has over ten golf courses located amongst beautiful coastal and mountain scenery. Open to players of all levels all year round, nine of these golf courses are fully decked out with world-class facilities.

11. Costa Brava has beautiful Mountains

costa brava travel guide - Alta Garrotxa Mountains

Amazing landscape of Alta Garrotxa in Catalonia

Costa Brava’s beauty extends inland and includes mountains! Yup, Costa Brava really does have it all.

Take a trip to the foothills of the Pyrenees and either go on a hike or hire an electric bike to help you explore even more of the stunning landscape. From walking amongst the beech forest at Fageda d’en to the staring up at towering peaks reaching 3,000 metres high before rolling into the quiet valleys of Cerdanya or Camprodon, the list of things to see here is limitless.

If you’re visiting in the cooler months, head to top ski resorts including Vallter 2000, Vall de Núria, La Molina and Masella.

Also to be explored is the Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, an area brimming with just under 40 volcanoes draped in greenery. While you’re here, pay a visit to Santa Pau.

Don’t miss: Oix and Beget, two picturesque high-mountain towns.

12. Costa Brava has beautiful botanical gardens

Seaview from Santa Clotilde Gardens

Spend a lazy afternoon wandering around any one of the four beautifully landscaped gardens dotted along the Costa Brava coast.

Cap Roig Gardens is home to a mix of local plant species from the Mediterranean region alongside trees and plants from the other continents. During July and August and Costa Brava Jazz Festival is held here.

Located in Blanes, Marimurtra Botanical Garden is set on the cliffs of Sant Joan mount. Built in 1921 by the German scientist, Karl Faust, the gardens became one of the most important biological stations in the Mediterranean.

Also in Blanes is Pinya de Rosa Botanical Garden, where you’ll find tropical plants that have adapted to the Mediterranean climate such as as cacti, opuntias and aloes.

Don’t miss: Santa Clotilde Gardens (Jardines de Santa Clotilde). Located in Lloret de Mar on top of a cliff with impressive views, this botanical garden features several marble sculptures, a mermaid staircase and the only staircase in Europe that is entirely covered in ivy. This place is stunning!

13. Costa Brava has human towers

costa brava travel guide - Human towers

Human towers are a Catalan tradition

See the impressive tradition of human towers which originated in Catalonia and have become a symbol of the region. Called ‘castells’ in Catalan, human towers were declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Historians believe that the first castells appeared in 1902 is the in the southern Catalan town of Valls.

Where to see Human Towers: Human Towers are usually held during festivals and celebrations such as National Day of Catalonia. Girona city’s main festival is Sant Narcís Fair and Festival which host the “diada castellera” (day of human towers).

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14. Costa Brava is family-friendly

Costa Brava is a very family friendly destination which makes it a great choice for your next holiday destination.

If mum and dad want time to relax, you can pop your little ones into any of the Kids’ Club’s which usually run through the months of July and August. These clubs provide an enclosed outdoor facility where qualified adults organise fun seaside activities for children of all ages. You’ll find Kid’s Clubs in places including Blanes, and Platja Gran in L’Estartit.

Costa Brava doesn’t just have one, but several water parks that cater to the whole family.  Located near the beach and near the resorts are Aquabrava in Roses and Aquadiver, in Platja d’Aro

Don’t miss: Water World in Lloret de Mar. This is the best waterpark on the Spanish east coast and about the biggest in Europe! It’s got everything from water slides, to wave pools, to hot tubs. Don’t miss the 40-metre high slide! Click her for more details about Water World.

15. Costa Brava has stunning hotels

costa brava travel guide - Tossa de Mar hotel

View from hotel room balcony

Costa Brava is home to some incredibly beautiful hotels. I stayed at Premier Gran Hotel Reymar and Spa which sits on a hilltop offering gorgeous views from your room. They have an outdoor pool, two restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and spacious rooms with a balcony.

Where to stay in Costa Brava: Premier Gran Hotel Reymar

16. The Sunrises in Costa Brava are gorgeous

costa brava travel guide - Tossa de Mar Sunrise

Sunrise over Tossa de Mar

What could be better than starting off your day with a pink sky like this? You might not be a morning person, but I recommend dedicating at least one morning to getting up early and enjoying views like this.

17. Sunsets in Costa Brava are stunning

costa brava travel guide - Tossa de Mar sunset castle

Watching the sunset is equally captivating. Since the sun sets to the west and therefore inland, aim to watch it from a high viewpoint such as Sa Palomera in Blanes.

18. Costa Brava is easy to get to

Now more than ever, Costa Brava is super easy to get to. Regular flights from London take no longer than 2 hours to reach Girona Costa Brava Airport.

If you’re in Barcelona it will take you less than an hour and even less from to the French border.

Getting to Costa Brava by plane: Girona airport is located at the heart of the Costa Brava, making it really easy to reach beach resorts. From the airport, Girona is 17 km, Lloret de Mar is 31 km and Tossa de Mar is 42 km.

If you land in Barcelona, you’ll be 93 km from Lloret de Mar, 104 km from Tossa de Mar, and 117 km from Girona.

Getting to Costa Brava by car: For more freedom, I recommend renting a car here to get around the Costa Brava. Take the Autovia del Mediterraneo (A-7) highway which connects resort towns like Lloret de Mar or Tossa de Mar.  If you decide on renting a car, do this before you travel to avoid inflated airport prices. Compare the best car rental prices here.

19. The time is now!

Getting to Costa Brava is cheap! Even half-way into the summer season, I can still find return tickets to Girona for £69 (72USD) from London so there’s really no excuse not to go.

As you’ve seen here, the Costa Brava has a lot to offer every kind of holiday seeker. Spend a few days relaxing at the beach, see Dali’s incredible theatre museum, wander around charming Medieval towns and hike the foothills of the Pyrenees.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start planning your trip to Costa Brava!

Check flights to Costa Brava here and get my full 5-day Costa Brava itinerary here.

Heading to Catalonia? Get my free Catalan Travel Phrase guide here.

Got more time? Take a day trip!

Got more time? Here are some more exciting things to do in Costa Brava.


I hope my Costa Brava itinerary has helped you narrow down what to do and see so you can experience a little bit of everything. Whether you’re based in France or in Barcelona, many of these places can be visited on a day trip, however, I highly recommend basing yourself in Tossa de Mar and venture out to the surrounding areas. Having a hire car will allow you the flexibility to rearrange things and linger a little longer in places that you enjoy most. Compare the best car rental prices here.

If you have questions about my rather epic Costa Brava itinerary, please reach out!

A big thank you to Jet2.com for taking me to Costa Brava and to the Costa Brava Tourism Board for sponsoring this trip.

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