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27 BEST Language Learning Tools & Apps You Should Use in 2024

by Michele
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Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024
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Tackle any language with my favourite tried and tested language learning resources. With the best language resources, you’ll be speaking the lingo in no time!

How successful you are at learning to speak a language depends not only on your strategy but on the amount of enjoyment and engagement you have with your language resources. Once you know what type of language learning you are, choosing the right resources, tools and methods become much easier and will skyrocket your success. Before I learned Italian, (which was my first foreign language) I tried out numerous language resources, books, and services to see what worked best for me. I then went back to these trusted tools when I wanted to learn Afrikaans, French, Arabic, and Norwegian.  If you’re struggling to find time in your day to learn languages, check out my 3-step method to learn languages like crazy, even if you have a crazy life.

I still keep an eye out for new and exciting ways of picking up a language without the stress or pressure that comes with learning a language. Below, I have started to collate my personal favourites that I have benefited from massively and hope you will too. Number 24 is my personal favourite! (But I could be biased!)

For more tips, check out my post on 10 ways you can improve your language learning.

Here are the best language learning tools and apps you should be using

1. Mondly

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - MondlyIt’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Mondly for years. You can read my full Mondly review here. Its ease of use, friendly interface, and variety of interactive lessons are super important to me. I’m currently using Mondly to learn Norwegian with short bursts of fun and interactive lessons daily. One of the best features of Mondly’s app (which sets it apart from other apps) is that you can learn from your native language. That’s right, you don’t have to be a native English speaker to use the app. This feature is especially useful if you speak other foreign languages and want to keep them fresh while learning another language! They teach numerous languages which aren’t available on many other language learning apps, which is why Mondly is my favourite app of them all. The recently added Bengali, Catalan, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Tagalog and Urdu, bringing the total languages available with Mondly to 41! Click here to get 95% OFF Mondly’s Lifetime subscription using my special reader discount. Watch my full review below.

2. Street Smart Languages 

Top Rated Language Learning Resources - Street Smart LanguagesWhat’s the most effective way to learn your target language? By having fun, of course! Street Smart is a program that comes in the form of a funny, gorgeously produced video series that takes place on location where you target language is spoke! Learning Spanish? You’ll be whisked away to Mexico where you’ll follow a mind-blowing story full of surprises!

Available in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Street Smart isn’t like your typical language course.
It’s almost as captivating as watching your favorite Netflix show! But this program will actually make you “Street-Smart” in yourt target language!

Street Smart is the creation of Arieh Smith, aka Xiaoma,  one of the best-known polyglots in the world with over 10 million followers on social media. In his videos, Arieh surprises people from all kinds of different backgrounds by speaking their language. Over 5,000 people worldwide have taken his language courses. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The New York Times, Business Insider, New York Post, The Washington Times, Newsweek, and Euronews.

If you’re looking to have fun whilst learning, these courses are the perfect offering!

3. Uncovered Beginner Courses by Olly Richards

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2021 - Uncovered Courses

Learn a language through the power of story with my friend Olly Richards Uncovered beginner courses for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, ChineseTurkish and Japanese! They are great story-based courses, which will take even complete beginners to a solid intermediate level.

The course is based on a 20-chapter story in simple language and includes everything learners need to go from the complete beginner level (A0) to the intermediate level (B1).

All Uncovered courses include dozens of video lessons and exercises to help learners improve every aspect of the language, including: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The Uncovered series is for complete beginners (A0) and false beginners (A1 or A2) who have already learned some of the language but haven’t yet reached conversational fluency. Each course covers levels A0 to A2 in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

If you’re a bit more advanced, Olly also has an excellent Grammar Hero course for B1-B2 students and a Conversations course for A2-B1 students. Olly speaks 8 languages himself, so he really knows what he’s talking about.  Now you can try Uncovered for FREE! Visit Uncovered Spanish, Uncovered French, Uncovered Italian, Uncovered German, and Uncovered Japanese to start your free trial.

4. Coffee Break

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Coffee BreakDon’t have much time? Coffee Break Languages is a hugely popular podcast that helps you learn French, Spanish, Italian, German or Chinese on the go, where and when it suits you. They also offer courses on the Coffee Break Academy where you can access video materials, lesson notes and bonus audio content. This is perfect for most visual learners out there like me.

5. italki & LanguaTalk

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - italkiI feel like both italki and LanguaTalk are the secret weapons of the polyglot world. Literally, every linguist I’ve spoken to uses either italki or LanguaTalk to connect with expert teachers to help them learn languages. What’s the difference between the two?

  • italki allows learners to connect with both professional teachers for lessons and less qualified native speakers for more informal sessions (this is great for affordable speaking practice). 
  • LanguaTalk is a newer platform that has a rigorous application process and only hires top-tier teachers which makes it easier to sift through and choose the right teacher for you.

Top Rated Language Learning Resources - LanguaTalkUsing either platform is a very convenient way to both learn and maintain your language learning goals as you choose when you want to learn and for how long you want each lesson to be (either 30, 45, or 60 minutes long). All sessions are run either on Skype or in on their own platform. Some teachers even offer a free trial!

To supplement my own language learning I personally use italki multiple times every week. This is where I get 1-to-1 support and speaking practice with a qualified teacher or community tutor. Read my full italki review here and sign up to italki here.

6. uTalk

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - uTalk

uTalk is awesome for learning key words and phrases in another language, especially if you want to use it for travel purposes. It’s perfect for beginners getting started in a language and invaluable for intermediates looking to fill in gaps in their vocabulary and pronunciation. What I love is that you can jump around their library of topics and learn what you want, at your own pace. uTalk features over 60 topics, in over 140 languages!  If you struggle to remember new vocabulary, uTalk is great because it does a great job at helping you overcome this with lots of reinforcement, games, so you subconsciously learn faster. Get an exclusive 30% OFF with my reader discount on ALL languages when you join here. This isn’t available anywhere else. 

7. Glossika

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - GlossikaGlossika offers over 60 languages. Each language course focuses on AI-based repetition training through listening and speaking. Through being exposed to complete sentences you acquire vocabulary and grammar without having to cram the rules. Glossika tracks your progress and helps you review what you’ve learned at just the right time. You don’t have to always look at the screen either – so you can easily learn on-the-go, which I love! With all the languages available for one price, it’s an amazing option for polyglots or if you’re a busy language learner. Join Glossika here.

8. Learn with LingApp 

Top Rated Language Learning Resources - LingAppStrengthen 4 skills in 1 lesson: Speak like a native, read fast, write beautifully, and listen to conversations.

LingApp, the revolutionary language learning solution designed to transform your language learning. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, LingApp uses immersive experiences, personalized course material, and real-world example to make learning a new language seamless and enjoyable.

With a user-friendly interface and adaptive algorithms, it tailors lessons to your individual progress, ensuring optimal retention. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for fluency, LingApp offers a diverse range of languages and culturally enriched content. It goes beyond rote memorization, but instead fosters practical skills for effective communication. 

🌐 Fun Learning: LingApp makes learning languages like playing games.
🧠 Smart Lessons: It remembers what you learn and adjusts to make it just right for you.
🗣️ Real Talk: Learn how people really talk – not just boring stuff from books.
🌍 Many Languages: From Spanish to Japanese, LingApp has you covered.
👾 No Boring Stuff: Say goodbye to dull lessons; LingApp keeps it interesting.
🚀 Get Fluent Faster: Practice real-life conversations and sound like a pro.

8. Busuu

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Busuu AppBusuu features over 1000 lessons created by expert linguists and includes study plans and speech recognition. You also get feedback from native speakers on your written and speaking skills and can connect with over 100 million learners. Busuu is available on desktop and on your smart phone or iPad. Click here to join for free!


9. Babbel

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - BabbelBabbel is a great online language-learning program. I recommend you use this reasonably priced tool as part of a balanced language routine. Lessons last between 10-15min which makes it perfect for when you’re short on time. I used it to help me improve my French pronunciation. Currently available in 13 languages, it offers good quality content that is challenging. Its intuitive interface and design make it enjoyable to use too. You can start playing with it for free here

10. Learn with LingoPie

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - LingoPieWant to learn your target language with binge-worthy content? It can be hard to find content that you actually enjoy, but LingoPie makes it easy by giving you access to the best shows from around the world so you can learn from the comfort of your home. Choose from 1000s of hours of TV shows, telenovelas, comedies, travel, and more. New shows added
monthly so you’ll never get bored.

Users can have it all, not just language learning with Netflix, but the entire Lingopie ecosystem, including a catalog of original shows from different countries, lessons, and webinars. They’ve turned the platform into an engaging language learning hub.

Just choose something to watch and you’ll be able to access 2 sets of subtitles, your native language and your target language. See a word you don’t understand? No problem! Just click any word and you’ll get an instant translation. The learning doesn’t stop there. Afterwards, you can review your new vocabulary with LingoPie’s super-cool built-in contextual and video-based flashcards. To find out more, read my full LingoPie review here.

LingoPie is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.
Curious? Start learning with your FREE LingoPie trial here. **Exclusive reader discount: Click here and get an exclusive 65% OFF their annual subscription.  You won’t find this discount anywhere else.

11. LingQ – The Linguistic Institute

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - LingQFrom English to Korean, Finnish to Ukrainian, you can learn just about any language with LingQLingQ works by creating ‘links’ on words that you want to learn. With these ‘word links’ you are then able to learn them via flashcards, multiple choice quizzes, plus listening via audio tracks. All of this is accessible either from your laptop or smartphone.


12. Duolingo

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - DuolingoDuolingo is one of the leaders in language learning app. It is not a stand-alone language course, but it is an excellent tool to supplement your language learning. It’s great for motivation and includes personalised notifications you can customize to keep you on track so you don’t miss a lesson. This isn’t a get fluent quick app, you still need to put in the work and take ‘offline’ what you learn with the app. Duolingo is 100% free, but you can pay for Duolingo Plus to remove the ads.

13. Memrise

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - MemriseMemrise offers multiple courses for each language. There are 16 official courses created and curated by staff, but there are also hundreds of courses created by the Memrise community and in countless other languages. Staff-created courses are a bit more in-depth and structured, featuring essential vocabulary and grammar. User-generated courses can be devoted to more specific areas, like particular tenses, eg.‘100 most spoken words’, or even vocabulary from a particular textbook. The main selling point of Memrise is its method of using spaced repitition. Memrise presents you with new words and phrases right before you forget it, ensuring that it stays fresh in your mind.  Check out my review between Memrise vs. Duolingo.

14. LinguaLift

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - LinguaLiftIf language apps aren’t your thing, then LinguaLift might be the best option for you. LinguaLift have their own team of dedicated language tutors who guide you every step of the way on your journey to fluency. This means you’ll receive the support you need whenever you’re feeling frustrated, need encouragement, or don’t quite understand something.

LinguaLift is a subscription service which includes:

  • Full access to LinguaLift’s software
  • Access to dedicated tutors
  • A customized road map to fluency, and
  • A free copy of Language Learning Secrets

There is no contract or commitment and you can cancel anytime! LinguaLift are currently offering a 25% discount for anyone who signs up to their program. Just use the coupon code: courage at checkout. Get LinguaLift here!

15. Tandem

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - TandemHaving trouble finding a language partner? Tandem is a language exchange mobile app that connects you with native speakers all over the world. The best part is that you can communicate via text, audio and video chat whenever you’re available. You can copy messages, send corrections, add comments, and quickly translate anything you don’t understand directly in the app. It’s so convenient. You can chat in real-time or reply whenever you’re free so there’s no need to worry about scheduling each other’s time. Tandem has over 160 languages available which means chances are excellent you’ll definitely find even the less popular languages on it.

16. Michel Thomas

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Michel ThomasMichel Thomas deserves a medal for his simplification of language learning. His ground-breaking approach of being able to break down a language and teach it back to students without homework, written tasks, or memorisation is truly incredible. I learn both Italian and French in only a couple of months. This audio course features Michel Thomas himself teaching two students who are completely new to the language, so you learn as they do. After listening to his course you’ll learn correct grammar without even realising it and be able to form sentences without any effort. Such a shame that this method hasn’t been adopted in schools.


17. Bite-Size Immersive Audio Courses by Actual Fluency

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Bite-Size LanguagesImprove your listening comprehension and pronunciation with Kris Broholm, founder of Actual Fluency Podcast. His Bite-Size audio courses are available in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian and are full of comprehensible listening practice for beginners (this can be so hard to find!). Each of his language courses include: 100 lessons of authentic dialogue, recorded by two native speakers, mobile app for hands-free learning, immersion listening, simplified grammar explanations, transcripts, vocabulary, and translation sections for in-depth study. Plus a 14-day guarantee (if you don’t like it simply ask for a refund, and Kris will process it no questions asked.

18. Pimsleur

Pimsleur - Best Language Learning Resources 2023A hugely popular audio course (especially with these Polyglots) is Pimsleur. I know tonnes of language learners and polyglots who swear by Pimsleur to learn multiple languages. Developed by Dr. Pimsleur, Pimsleur is almost entirely audio-based and is available in over 40 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese. There is some reading material, but they are designed to be read as you listen to the audio. There is no homework or written work which is great because you can learn with Pimsleur anytime and anywhere. Pimsleur is great for helping you improve your listening skills as all recordings are by native speakers so you get an authentic learning experience. Get your FREE 7-day trial with Pimsleur here and see for yourself!

19. Watch movies, documentaries and TV shows on Disney+

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - Watch movies and shows on Disney+We all love to watch movies and TV shows, now you watch all your Disney favourites and learn your target language too! Disney+ is an on-demand, streaming service created by The Walt Disney Company and the new home of all your favourite movies by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. It even includes all 30 seasons of The Simpsons. Doh!  Disney+ is perfect for language learning with tonnes of shows, movies and documentaries to watch in a variety of foreign languages.

You can choose audio and subtitles in different languages from Italian to Finnish, Portuguese to German. You ain’t never had a friend like…Disney+Find out more and join Disney+ here and SAVE 15% off their annual subscription. That’s two months FREE! Not sure what to watch? Get my free guide on the best movies on DisneyPlus for learning languages here.

20. Rocket Languages

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Rocket LanguagesTo help me learn French, I started using Rocket Languages. One of my favourite features is the ability to record my voice and receive tips on how to improve my pronunciation. Rocket Languages helps you to get conversational and include a tonne of learning material, more than most other language courses. You can even try any of their courses for free learn including Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese and many more. 

21. Ultralingua

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - UltralinguaI stopped lugging around dictionaries years ago when I discovered the Ultralingua app. While learning Italian I found their app indispensable. Dictionaries are available in a variety of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Plus you get added functionality like conjugating thousands of verbs, view all standard tenses and forms, and conduct searches.

22. Improve your memory with Fluent Languages

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - Your Solid Memory VocabWant to improve your memory? If you’re lost in the weeds when it comes to effectively learning new words, check out the amazing Your Solid Vocab Memory course. It’s made by my friend Kerstin Cable, an experienced language learner and teacher who really knows her stuff.  I always follow Kerstin’s tips, and this course is incredible! If you feel the need to stop chasing your tail and remember any word easily, take a look at Your Solid Vocab Memory.

This course has been one of my favourite resources of the year because it teaches you how to learn and remember vocab in 3 simple steps:

  • GROW your word list with strategic goal setting and a solid system for taking notes in seconds
  • MEMORIZE any word, even the ones you forget all the time, in less than a minute
  • REVIEW with fun and easy methods, not overwhelming lists and card decks

Check out Your Solid Vocab Memory here – I know you’ll love it!

23. 78 Free Online Dictionaries 

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - 78 Free DictionariesRegular dictionaries are not only bulky and expensive; they also date very quickly. While learning Italian and French I started discovering a series of free online dictionaries. I found these resources to be so beneficial that I decided to collate a series of free online dictionaries as used by linguists and polyglots in as many languages as possible. Download my free ebook here.

24. Intrepid Languages

Top-Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - The Intrepid Guide Language CoursesPlanning a trip? Using my 80/20 method, I’ve made it even easier for travellers to master the local language so they can create lifelong memories as they mingle with locals, get local tips, avoid tourist traps, and make new friends. Who knows you, you might even be invited over for afternoon tea by a lovely Sicilian family like I was! Read all about how speaking Italian changed my life. From Italian to Norwegian, Spanish to French check out my Intrepid Language courses here.

Here’s what my students are saying: 

Testimonial - How to Learn Italian for Travel FAST! - Roma Small

I really enjoyed the Master Italian for Travel FAST course, it certainly exceeded my expectations. The learning methodology is great, and easy to follow and found that I progressed much faster in the last 4 weeks than I ever did on my own or using other language apps. Grazie mille Michele, I can’t wait until I can put my new skills into action! – Roma Small


Testimonial - How to Learn Italian for Travel FAST! - Basil P

Loved it, loved it, loved it. I’ve been trying to learn languages using various language learning apps for years now and although I know random words I feel no more confident in actually speaking the language than I was when I started.” – Basil Pereira


Intrepid Italian Student Testimonial - I love it
Join Now and Learn Anywhere, Anytime

25. Go from Absolute Beginner to an Upper-Intermediate speaker with Speak Norsk (Exclusive reader discount)

Learn Norwegian with Speak Norsk online courses 2023

For the most complete and comprehensive way to learn Norwegian, you can’t pass up Speak Norsk, the highest-rated Norwegian language school in Norway. Speak Norsk are the absolute leaders and the best option on the market if you’re serious about reaching a high level in Norwegian. They offer a complete pathway so you can go from absolute beginner (A0-A2) to intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2). Speak Norsk have both a physical language school based in Oslo and offer a series of engaging online self-paced video courses so you can learn anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home and around your own busy schedule.

Speak Norsk offer tonnes of courses, but my personal favourite and the best value for money is their Viking for Beginners package. This includes access to:

  • 9 complete courses – Including A0, A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1 and B2.2
  • Teacher guidance available 24/7 with native-speaking, qualified teachers
  • Pre-recorded grammar lessons 
  • Grammar exercises and quizzes
  • Pre-recorded pronunciation lessons 
  • Pre-recorded conversation lessons (Including texts, vocabulary, and listening exercises)
  • Vocabulary lists 
  • Repetition exercises and grammar overview videos – This is great to review previous material and topics
  • Motivational videos from their most-popular teachers
  • Mid-term and final term evaluations for each level 
  • Continuous support and guidance from Speak Norsk administration and teachers on your learning journey
  • BONUS: Access previously recorded live classes – This includes grammar lessons and exercise-solving videos

***Exclusive Reader Discount. GET 20% OFF! 

As a huge fan of Speak Norsk, I asked their team for a special discount code so you can get 20% off their popular Viking for Beginners Package. You won’t find this discount anywhere else. To claim this offer, all you have to do is click here and apply Promo Code: MOFF20 at the checkout! Happy learning!

26. Use a NordVPN

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - NordVPNOne of the best ways to learn a language is by accessing online content from national broadcasting sites around the world. Sites like the BBC in the UK, Rai Italia in Italy or NRK in Norway sometimes restrict who can access their online content such as series, movies or documentaries. 

The best and only way to unlock and access content around the world is by using a VPN  (Virtual Private Network service provider). This also gives you an extra layer of safety as you surf the internet as it protects your IP address (ie. your actual location). It’s best practice to always use a VPN anyway, so it’s a great investment to make. The best VPN on the market is NordVPN which you can use on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Sign up to NordVPN here and get 3 months free.

Related: 5 Ways to Spice Up How You Learn a Language With a VPN

27. Weekly German Workouts by Dr. Popkins

Top Rated Language Learning Resources 2023 - Dr. Popkins - Weekly German WorkoutsLearning German? If you’re at a solid upper beginner, starting intermediate level with your German, or an intermediate student looking to consolidate), this is your chance to speak more confident German in a matter of weeks. Weekly German Workouts is created by exceptional polyglot, Dr. Gareth Popkins from How to Get Fluent, he’s also a great friend of mine. Dr Popkins is one of the most passionate language learners I’ve ever met. He brings so much personal experience to his courses which is hard to find. Who this course is for: 

  • you’re an “upper beginner” or “lower intermediate” German learner (level A2 to B1);
  • you have trouble understanding everyday spoken German and want to hone your listening skills with native conversational audio; 
  • you need to expand your command of common words and phrases;
  • you want clear explanations of new grammar patterns and a chance to practise them.

Join Weekly German Workouts here

BONUS Tip #1: Learn Italian FAST in Just 8 Hours

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - Learn Italian Fast by Michele Frolla How to Learn Italian FAST in Just 8 Hours! is my book which shares over 10 years of personal experience learning Italian. The step-by-step method is for beginners – beginners to both language learning and to Italian. I wrote this book for those of us who are daunted by the task of learning a language and who procrastinate because they don’t know where to start. All those years ago when I first started learning a language, I knew nothing about grammar. Suddenly having to learn all these new terms PLUS new words was a daunting task.

This book simplifies everything and is broken down into 9 steps. Each step explains the core elements of grammar supported by examples and pronunciation. The learner is provided with manageable and useful parts of the grammar that they can implement straight away. After Step 2 you’re able to start creating your own sentences. What you get is a basic working knowledge of the Italian language in a very short amount of time. Click here to find out more details or Get your copy here.

Travel Italian Course – Students loved the book so much that I even created an online course called Master Italian for Travel FAST! Fast track your Italian with my new travel Italian course. Here’s what my students are saying: 

“It is a very well crafted course. It makes language learning fun to do and very much aimed at the sort of standard situations anyone is likely to find when visiting Italy. Well done!” – Don Woodall

Click here for instant access!

BONUS Tip #2: Grammarly

Top-Rated Language Learning Tools & Apps 2024 - GrammarlyThey say that learning a second language helps you better understand your first. Whether you’re a native English speaker or learning English? Grammarly should be in everyone’s toolbox, especially since it’s FREE to download! I was first introduced to this tool a few years ago and I’m really impressed with its power and ease of use. Grammarly said it best when they say they are World’s Best Grammar Checker. I’ve installed their plugin in my browser which allows me to proofread, correct spelling and sentence structure on the fly whenever I’m writing a new article, email, or Google document. That way I don’t have to write everything in MS Word and copy it across. Making it super easy to write and edit new articles on the go. Download Grammarly for free here!

BONUS Tip #3: Join my The Intrepid Guide Newsletter

To stay up to date with the latest trends, tools, courses, and special offers in the language learning space, make sure you sign up to my newsletter here. As a reader, this will also unlock special discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Alternatively, you can also use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up.

Happy learning!

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26 Top Rated Language Learning Tools and Apps You Should Use in 2024

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