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Top 10 Survival Swiss German Phrases for Travel [You Need to Know]

by Michele
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Top 10 Survival Swiss German Phrases for Travel
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Heading to Switzerland? Make the locals smile in appreciation as you show off your language skills. Here are the top 10 essential Swiss German phrases you need to know!

After spending an amazing weekend in Zurich a realised that the locals don’t just speak French or just German instead, they speak a wonderful mix of the two languages. With that in mind next up in my travel phrase guide series is, Swiss-German!

As you know, I’m a firm believer that learning the local language in any destination is just as important as learning its history. While we can’t all be polyglots, knowing a few choice phrases makes a load of difference when interacting with locals. Suddenly, their smiles become warmer and their eyes light up when they see you’ve made the effort to learn their language. Plus, it’s so rewarding to be able to converse in another language.

In Switzerland, they speak Swiss German, and that’s something completely different from the German spoken in Germany. Swiss German has its own pronunciation, different words, its own grammar, and most Germans have difficulty understanding it.

While the German-speaking Swiss write standard German, there is no official Swiss German language. The Swiss can speak standard German very well, but to them, it’s a foreign language which they learn in school.

With that in mind, here are 10 super useful Swiss German travel phrases.

  1. Hello – Grüezi
  2. My name is … (formal) – I heisse …
    My name is … (informal) Mi name isch …
  3. How are you? (informal) – Wie goots Ihne?
    How are you? (formal) – Wie goots?
  4. Good, thanks and you? (informal) – Dangge, guet, und dir?
    Good, thanks and you? (formal) – Dangge, guet, und Ihne?
  5. Goodbye – (Uf) Widerluege / Tschüss
  6. See you later – Bis spöter
  7. Thank you – Merci
  8. Thank you very much – Merci vilmal
  9. Enjoy your meal! – En guete
  10. Yes – Ja  / No – Nein

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Top 10 Survival Swiss German Phrases for Travel

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