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50 Commonly Used Italian Swear Words + 📚 FREE PDF Cheat-Sheet

Master the art of Italian curse words and insults with this essential guide including example sentences

by Michele
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Italian Swear Words and Italian Curse Words plus PDF
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Mannaggia! Accident! Che palle! Italian, like any language, boasts a colourful collection of swear words and curse words, or “parolacce” as they’re called in Italian. Often accompanied by expressive hand gestures and ranging from cute to vulgar, these offensive Italian words come into play in a variety of everyday scenarios. 

 in this guide, we’re going to look at the most commonly used Italian swear words that are used to either express frustration or insult someone during an argument. 

Interestingly, the younger generations use some of Italian curse words to tease friends, express admiration, and even kick start conversations!

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Most Common Italian Swear Words

Italian Swear Words - List of most common Italian curse words

What’s interesting is that a study conducted by renowned Italian journalist Vito Tartamella identified that the most frequently used Italian curse words include “cazzo” (equivalent to “f*ck!”), “Madonna” (akin to “oh, my God!”), “stronzo” (“a$$hole / jerk!/”), “coglione” (“moron!/fool!”), and “merda” (“sh*t/crap”).

What’s surprising is that the least utilized term appears to be “vaffanculo” (meaning “go to hell!/f*ck off/f*ck you”).

These Italian curse words are just the tip of the iceberg! Now let’s take a look at some more prevalent expressions in Italian profanity. I’ve provided both the Italian and English translations plus an example sentence so you can see the Italian swear words and phrase are used in context.

Attenzione! Always be mindful of who you use these curse words as many are vulgar and offensive. Remember, the purpose of learning and understanding Italian curse words is to grasp cultural nuances and to enhance your comprehension when interacting with Italian speakers.

When in doubt, avoid using them and follow the lead of those around you who use them in similar company.

Italian Translation English Translation When It’s Used Example Sentence
Accidenti! / Caspita! Darn it! When expressing surprise, annoyance, or disappointment Accidenti! Ho perso il mio telefono! (Darn it! I lost my phone!)

Caspita! Ho lasciato il mio telefono a casa di Marco! (Darn it! I left my phone at Marco’s place!)

Testa di rapa! (Literally: turnip head) Blockhead! / Numbskull! Used to describe an obtuse, dense person Guarda quel testa di rapa che ha parcheggiato male! (Look at that blockhead who parked poorly!)
Stordito! / Mentecatto! Simpleton! Used to refer to someone as foolish or dim-witted Non capisce mai niente, è proprio uno stordito! (He never understands anything, he’s a real simpleton!)
Cavolo! (Literally: cabbage) Gosh! When expressing astonishment, amazement, or mild annoyance Cavolo, guarda quanti fuochi d’artificio! (Gosh, look at all those fireworks!)

Cavolo, quanto è bello questo posto! (Holy smoke, this place is so beautiful!)

Col cavolo (Literally: with cabbage) No way! Used to express disbelief or rejection Col cavolo! Non posso credere che tu abbia fatto questo! (No way! I can’t believe you did this!)
Zitto! Shush! Used to tell someone to be quiet Zitto, sto cercando di concentrarmi! (Shush, I’m trying to concentrate!)
Porca miseria! / Porca troia! / Porca vacca! Goodness gracious! / Darn it! / Gosh darn it! Used to express mild frustration or irritation Porca miseria, ho dimenticato l’anniversario! (Goodness gracious, I forgot our anniversary!)
Santo cielo! Heavens! / Good grief! Used to express astonishment or disbelief Santo cielo, hai davvero fatto questo da solo? (Heavens, did you really do this all by yourself?)
Cosa diavolo! / Che strazio! What the heck! / What a pain! Used to express confusion or exasperation Cosa diavolo stai cercando di spiegare? (What the heck are you trying to explain?)

Cosa diavolo stanno preparando in cucina? Il profumo è incredibile! (What the heck are they cooking in the kitchen? The aroma is amazing!)

Sbrigati! Hurry up! Used to tell someone to move quickly Sbrigati, stiamo per perdere il treno! (Hurry up, we’re about to miss the train!)
Vai via! / Scappa! Go away!  Used to tell someone to leave or depart quickly Vai via, non voglio parlare con te! (Go away, I don’t want to talk to you!)
Che confusione! What a mess! Used to describe a chaotic situation Che confusione c’è stata alla festa ieri sera! (What a mess there was at the party last night!)
Che noia! How boring! Used to express boredom or disinterest Che noia! Questo film è così monotono. (How boring! This movie is so dull)
Che sorpresa! What a surprise! Used to express surprise or amazement Che sorpresa! Non sapevo che saresti venuto! (What a surprise, I didn’t know you would come!)
Madonna! Good God! When expressing surprise, amazement, or frustration Madonna, hai visto quell’incidente? (Good God, did you see that accident?)
Madonna santa! Good God! Used to express surprise, amazement, or frustration Madonna santa, non credevo ai miei occhi! (Good God, I couldn’t believe my eyes!)
Dio santo! Oh my God! Used to express shock, surprise, or amazement Dio santo, hai visto quello spettacolo? (Oh my God, did you see that show?)
Merda! Shit Equivalent to the English word shit Merda, ho perso il mio portafoglio! (Shit, I lost my wallet!)
Accidenti! Darn it, goodness gracious A milder expression of frustration or surprise Accidenti, ho dimenticato di comprare il latte! (Darn it, I forgot to buy milk!)
Accidentaccio! Darn it A more intense form of accidenti Accidentaccio, mi sono dimenticato dell’appuntamento! (Darn it, I forgot about the appointment!)
Perbacco Gosh, goodness gracious An old-fashioned expression used to express surprise or amazement Perbacco, hai visto quanto è grande questo albero? (Gosh, did you see how big this tree is?)
Accipicchia Gosh Another old-fashioned expression of surprise Accipicchia, non credevo ai miei occhi! (Gosh, I couldn’t believe my eyes!)
Acciderbole Gosh Another old-fashioned expression of surprise Acciderbole, hai sentito quanto è freddo? (Gosh, did you feel how cold it is?)
Leccaculo Ass licker Derogatory term for someone who pretends to appreciate someone’s deeds for personal gain Quel dipendente è sempre il primo a complimentarsi con il capo per ogni cosa, è proprio un leccaculo! (That employee is always the first to compliment the boss on everything, he’s such an ass kisser!)
Leccapiedi Kiss-ass Derogatory term for someone who ingratiates themselves to authority figures Non sopporto i leccapiedi che cercano di ottenere favori dal professore a scuola. (I can’t stand the kiss-asses who try to get favors from the teacher at school.)
Lecchino Brown-noser Someone who excessively flatters or seeks favor from others in authority Il professore ha un debole per i lecchini. (The professor has a soft spot for brown-nosers.)

Mild Italian Swear Words

Is your lasagna cold? Did they just serve you less gelato than your friend? No worries. Let out one of these Italian swear words to express frustration without crossing the line.

Accidenti! – Darn! When you’re annoyed, like when you spill your espresso or trip over a cobblestone, use this to vent. For example: “Accidenti! Ho lasciato il mio cappello al ristorante!” (Darn! I left my hat at the restaurant!), “Accidenti! Ho chiuso la porta di casa con le chiavi all’interno!” (Darn! I locked the door with the keys inside!)

Cavolo! – Crap! Holy smoke! Similar to the English word “crap,” you can employ “cavolo” to express disappointment or frustration in a less intense way. For example: “Cavolo! Mi sono scordato di comprare il pane!” (Crap! I forgot to buy bread!)

Che palle! – What balls! Though English speakers might see this as a playful phrase, Italians use it to express annoyance, frustration, or boredom. For example: “Che palle! Un’altra riunione?” (What balls! Another meeting?)

Che due palle! – What the heck! Used to express surprise, frustration, or disbelief. For example: Che due palle! Hanno cambiato i piani all’ultimo minuto! (What the heck, they changed the plans last minute!)

Porca miseria! – Damn luck! The combination of “porca” (female pig) and “miseria” (misery) results in a stronger version of “accidenti.” For example: “Porca miseria! Ancora traffico!” (Damn luck! More traffic!), “Porca miseria! Ho dimenticato il mio portafoglio a casa!” (Goodness gracious! I forgot my wallet at home!”)

Curse Words in Italian used to insult others

Sometimes, it’s not the world, luck, or weather that’s bothering you – it’s someone else. If you want to express your feelings about someone, here are some Italian swear words and insults to let them know exactly what’s on your mind.

Stronzo! – Jerk! A strong insult used to call someone a jerk. It applies to both males (stronzo) and females (stronza). For example: “Quel tipo è proprio uno stronzo!” (That guy is a real jerk!)

Mortacci tua! – Your weak/dead ancestors! In a culture valuing family and tradition, this phrase can be quite offensive if used to insult someone’s family. For example: “Mortacci tua! Non riesci mai a tenere le tue promesse!” (Your weak ancestors! You never keep your promises!)

Testa di cazzo! – Blockhead! A fairly strong insult, it’s akin to calling someone an idiot or moron. For example: “Penso che il tuo capo sia una testa di cazzo.” (I think your boss is a blockhead.)

Mangia merde e morte! – Eat sh*t and die! An intense insult telling someone to go away or expressing extreme dislike. For example: Imagine someone makes a very insensitive joke about someone’s family. After realizing it’s a joke, you might retort, “Mangia merde e morte, stupido!” (Eat sh*t and die, you idiot!)

Bastardo! – Bastard! One of the most common Italian curse words, it can be used in various situations to insult someone. For example: “Quel tizio è proprio un bastardo!” (That guy is a real bastard!)

Figlio di puttana! – Son of a b*tch! In Italian culture, mothers are revered. Hence, this insult, literally meaning “son of a whore,” is quite strong. For example: “Figlio di puttana! Hai mangiato il mio tiramisù!” (Son of a b*tch, you ate my tiramisù!)

The F Word – Strong Italian Curse Words

While there’s no direct equivalent of the F-bomb in Italian, some Italian swear words capture similar intensity and frustration:

Cazzo! – This bad Italian word literally means d*ck or c*ck and it often used to be F*ck! A versatile Italian curse word, similar to “damn,” “sh*t,” or “f*ck.” It’ sued to express surprise, annoyance, or anger. For example: “Cazzo! Ho appena rovesciato il vino sul tappeto!” (F*ck! I just spilled wine on the carpet!)

Che cazzo?! – Literally, What the d*ck /c*ck? or What the f*ck?! Sometimes, an event is so unexpected or ridiculous that you have to show disbelief. For example: “Che cazzo? Dov’è finito il mio portafoglio?” (What the hell? Where did my wallet go?)

Vaffanculo! – Go f**k yourself! Literally,  go shove it up your a$$, When you’ve had enough, and you want someone to leave you alone. For example: “Vaffanculo! Non voglio parlare con te!” (Go f**k yourself! I don’t want to talk to you!)

Pig-related Italian Curse Words

In Southern Italy, pigs hold cultural significance and have made their way into countless Italian insults:

Italian Expression English Equivalent Explanation Example Sentence
Porca puttana! Bloody hell, damn, dammit (Literally: Pig whore) Expresses strong frustration or anger, similar to bloody hell Porca puttana, guarda dove vai! (Damnit, watch where you’re going!)
Porco cane! For God’s sake! (Literally: Pig dog) Used to express frustration or exasperation Porco cane, non riesco a trovare le chiavi! (For God’s sake, I can’t find the keys!)
Porco Giuda Literally: Pig Judas Expresses anger towards someone perceived as treacherous or disloyal Porco Giuda, come hai potuto tradirci? (Pig Judas, how could you betray us?)
Porca miseria For goodness’ sake, darn it (Literally: Pig misery.) A cleaner version of the expression, used to express frustration Porca miseria, ho perso il mio treno! (For goodness’ sake, I missed my train!)
Porca pupazza Literally: Pig puppet A less common variation of the expression using a different word for emphasis Porca pupazza, ho perso il mio biglietto! (Pig puppet, I lost my ticket!)
Porca paletta Literally: Pig shovel Another variation using a different word for emphasis Porca paletta, ho chiuso le chiavi dentro la macchina! (Pig shovel, I locked the keys inside the car!)
Porca puzzola Literally: Pig skunk Variation using a different word for emphasis Porca puzzola, ho bruciato la cena! (Pig skunk, I burned dinner!)
Porca trota Literally: Pig trout Variation using a different word for emphasis Porca trota, ho dimenticato l’anniversario! (Pig trout, I forgot our anniversary!)
Porca vacca Holy cow! (Literally: Pig cow). Expresses mild surprise or amazement, similar to holy cow Porca vacca! Guarda quell’aereo acrobatico! (Holy cow, look at that stunt plane!)
Porca Eva Damn it, goodness gracious (Literally: Pig Eve). A variation expressing frustration or surprise, similar to damn it or goodness gracious Porca Eva, ho dimenticato il mio telefono a casa! (Damn it, I forgot my phone at home!)
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50 Italian SWEAR Words Cheat-Sheet! (Free PDF Download)

Don't let the learning stop here. Download your free PDF guide to 50 Italian swear words with example sentences so you can test your comprehension. Impariamo insieme! (Let's learn together!)

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