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What is YOUR Italian level? Take this FREE Italian Level Test!

Not sure how good your Italian language skills are? Find out your Italian proficiency level with this free Italian level test

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Italian Level Test - Test your Italian proficiency
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Know some Italian but not sure what your level of proficiency is? Whether you’re interested in joining a structured Italian course or are just curious, I’ve created this free Italian level test that will help you identify where you are on the road to fluency.  By taking this Italian language test, you’ll be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can decide which Italian course is best suited for your needs.

Using the Common European Framework of Reference, the official measurement in language learning, we’ll take a look at the 6 main levels. Once you take the test, you’ll know where you are currently.

Cominciamo! (Let’s get started)!

Know your level of proficiency

Nowadays, most language schools and teachers of European languages, including Italian, use the same system to evaluate the level of a student: this system is called the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, better known as CEFR.

The CEFR is a useful tool in describing the level of knowledge and understanding of a foreign language because it’s based on a European scale and was designed specifically for application to European languages. The aim is to promote large-scale collaboration among language teachers in all European countries as well as have a common assessment criteria. It’s also used to help estimate how long it takes to reach fluency.

According to the CEFR, learners can be divided into three main groups:

  • A – Basic User
  • B – Independent User
  • C – Proficient User

Each group is then divided into lower and higher levels, thus having six final levels. These are:

A1 Beginner

The learner understands and uses everyday expressions and basic phrases intended to meet the needs of a concrete type (introducing himself/herself and others, asking and answering questions about personal details).

A2 Advanced Beginner

The learner understands frequently used phrases and expressions related to areas of immediate relevance, can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her life and can express immediate needs.

B1 Intermediate

The learner understands the key points of familiar topics involving school, work, leisure, etc. He/she can move with ease in situations that may occur while traveling, is able to produce simple texts and to briefly express experiences, dreams, hopes, ambitions, opinions and plans.

B2 Upper Intermediate

The learner understands the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, and can interact with fluency and spontaneity. He/she can produce detailed texts on a wide range of topics and explain a point of view on a subject by giving the pros and cons.

C1 Advanced

The learner can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. He/she can produce and understand clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex topics.

C2 Proficient

The learner understands with ease everything he or she hears and reads. He/she is able to summarize information from a variety of sources both oral and written and express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.

Most online tests are based on the CEFR to easily categorize learners based on their language skills. The final score you get after taking a test gives you an indicative orientation as to which level (from A1 to C2) you find yourself at. I say indicative because it’s very common to be between groups or to feel more confident in some skills rather than in others.

With that said, it’s ok if you don’t fully see yourself in each level description! Consider it as a compass that tells you where to start your learning journey.

Why you should take an online Italian test

Here are three main reasons why it’s important to take a test before joining an Italian language course:

1. To make sure you choose the right Italian course

Maybe you have a good grasp of Italian grammar rules but still struggle with speaking and pronunciation. Maybe you’ve been studying Italian for a while now but you keep making the same mistakes and need to revise certain topics. Maybe you’re confident with what you already know and feel it’s time to go to the next level. Whatever your situation, you can find the course that is just right for you using the results of an Italian language test.

Before you decide to join an Italian course, such as Intrepid Italian my series of self-paced online video courses, you need to know where to start and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Taking a preliminary look will help you choose an Italian course that focuses on your specific needs.

2. To establish your goals

Without an Italian level test, it is difficult to determine what your achievable goals are. Once you know where you’re at and have established your current level, you will clearly understand what skills you need to improve or to reach a higher level of Italian. After taking an Italian proficiency test, you might realize what struggle with the most – Vocabulary? Use of language? Verb tenses? Pronouns? Your goals will be what motivates you to keep learning.

3. To keep track of your progress

If you’re new to the Italian language, you know you have to start from scratch. But, if you already have a foundation in Italian or if you have been studying Italian for some time, you might be a bit confused or uncertain about what you actually know.

An Italian level test will allow you to identify your current level, as it’s a great tool for self-evaluation and self-correction. You can also calculate your progress by taking the test before, during and after completing a language course. You can also use it to double-check the level evaluation you made in the course itself. This way you’ll see how much you can improve with a little bit of practice!

What is your Italian level? Take this Italian Level Test!

Are you ready to test your Italian language skills? This Italian language test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, with which you can test your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Take your time and allow up to 15 minutes to complete it.

The results will help you understand your level, and therefore which Intrepid Italian course is best suited for you: either Intrepid Italian for Beginners (A1), Intrepid Italian for Advanced Beginners (A2) or Intrepid Italian for Intermediates (B1). Remember, you can take the test as many times as you like and come back to measure your progress. In bocca al lupo (Good luck)!

Enjoyed this quiz? Are you a beginner or an intermediate Italian learner? Got a trip coming up or want to communicate with your Italian partner or relatives in Italian? Learn Italian with my unique 80/20 method.

Intrepid Italian - Learn with my 80/20 methodRegistrations are now open to join Intrepid Italian, my new series of online video courses that use my unique 80/20 method. You’ll go from a shy, confused beginner to a proficient and confident intermediate speaker, with me as your trusty guide. 

You’ll finally be able to connect with your Italian partner, speak to your relatives and enjoy authentic travel experiences in Italy that you’ve always dreamed of, and so much more.

As a native English speaker who learned Italian as an adult, I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and lack the confidence to speak. I know what it’s like to start from scratch and to even go back to absolute basics and learn what a verb is! 

Intrepid Italian was created with YOU in mind. I use my working knowledge of the English language to help you get into the ‘Italian mindset’ so you can avoid the common pitfalls and errors English speakers make – because I made them once too! I break everything down in such a way that it ‘clicks’ and just makes sense.

No matter what your level is, there is an Intrepid Italian course for you, including:

You can join 1, 2, or all 3 courses, it’s entirely up to you. The best part is that you have lifetime access so you learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.

As your guide, I walk you through each lesson, step-by-step, using my unique 80/20 method. My approach is different from traditional methods because I teach you the most important 20% of the language right from the beginning so you can start to speak straight away.

Each course includes video lessons, audio exercises, downloadable worksheets, bonus guides, a private support community, and lifetime access all designed to streamline your learning while having fun.

It even comes with my famous Celebrate with a Spritz Guarantee. After 30 days of using Intrepid Italian, if you don’t want to celebrate your newfound Italian skills with an Aperol Spritz, you don’t have to pay a penny! Cheers! 🥂
Join Intrepid Italian here and start learning today! 
Ci vediamo lì! (See you there!)

Intrepid Italian - Learn Italian with my 80/20 method

Take the Italian Level Test with me

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