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Top 7 Authentic Tours & Experiences in Rome [Run by Locals]

by Michele
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7 Authentic Tours and Experiences in Rome Run by Locals That You Should Do
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Seen all of Rome’s highlights? Peel back the layers of the Eternal City with an authentic Roman experience you can’t do anywhere else. From pasta-making workshops to unforgettable tours on the back of a vintage Vespa, experience the Roman culture to its fullest with these unique tours run by locals in Rome!

As the old adage goes, Romans do it better. So, when in Rome, take advantage of these one-of-a-kind local experiences in the Eternal City and eat, drink, get around, and do…as the Romans do.

When I first moved to Italy, my go-to resource was Romeing – a leading English magazine run by locals and expats living in Rome. Romeing is a fantastic resource for both travellers to Rome, but also for expats like me who want to keep up with all the latest exhibitions to events, nightlife, and restaurant openings happening in the city. 

More recently, Romeing began using their insider know-how to offer special tours and experiences in and around the Eternal City by locals. From learning to make pasta like mamma used to, to mastering the delicate technique of mosaic making. When in Rome, join these unique, local-run experiences and go home with memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Andiamo! (Let’s go!)

7 top authentic tours in Rome run by locals you should do!

1. Learn to make authentic Roman dishes in Trastevere

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Roman Dishes Workshop - Cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe – A traditional Roman dish

The only thing better than eating your way across Rome is learning how to make traditional Roman dishes yourself so you can relive the memories and enjoy the flavours back at home.  Join this Roman cooking class and learn how to make 3 of the most popular authentic Roman pasta dishes!

Romans are proud of their local dishes, and rightly so! Whenever I go out with my Roman friends each of them orders at least one of these 3 typical Roman pasta dishes: cacio e pepe (literally, cheese and pepper), carbonara  (pasta made with egg, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper) and amatriciana (pasta with a sauce made from guanciale, pecorino cheese and tomato). My favourite? Definitely cacio e pepe! On arrival, you’ll be welcomed with vino e antipasti (wine and appetizers) before going behind the scenes with a local Chef to learn the secrets of how to prepare these local favourites. You’ll learn how to choose the best raw ingredients as well as combining the dishes with the right wine. To finish off, you’ll end the class with a tiramisù for dessert. Buonissimo! 

This intimate cooking class is set in the beautiful neighbourhood of Trastevere, so make sure you explore the area with my self-guided walking tour of Trastevere before you go home to cook up an authentic Roman dinner.

Book your authentic Roman cooking class here.

Love Italian food and wine? Romeing also run this Roman market tour with cooking class and this wine tasting experience in a boutique wine bar near Campo de’ Fiori

2. Enjoy the Eternal City on a Vintage Vespa

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Take a tour of the Eternal City on a Vintage Vespa Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Vintage Vespa tour of RomeNothing quite compares to experiencing Rome on the back of a scooter, especially when it’s a vintage Vespa! I remember the first time my friend Roberto gave me a lift home one summer night on his motorino. It was pure magic. As we drove along the Roman Forum and passed the Colosseum, my belly was full of butterflies and childlike excitement and something I never forgot. There is a certain kind of freedom that comes by whizzing around this ancient city on a Vespa with the wind in your face as you bump along the sampietrini. Having your own private tour of the Eternal City on a vintage Vespa is definitely an experience you must have when in Rome. 

Book your vintage Vespa experience here or Street art Vespa tour here

3. Learn to make the perfect pizza in Trastevere

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Learn how to make pizza from a pizzaioloGet your hands dirty and discover what it takes to be a proper “pizzaiolo” (professional pizza chef), with this wonderful pizza-making class. Follow along as the chef guides you through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch as he shares expert techniques and tips on making the best dough, and how to dress the pizza properly.

You’ll learn how to make both Roman pizza and focaccia and how to identify different types of dough, seasonings, and cooking methods. After enjoying your very own homemade pizza in this hands-on class, you’ll walk away with a satisfied belly and loads of insider knowledge on Italian cooking tips.

Classes are offered in both English and Italian, giving you a chance to brush up on your Italian skills.

Book your pizza making class here

4. Join this Roman Mosaic Workshop in a studio in Trastevere 

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Learn how to make a Roman mosaic in this workshop in TrastevereThe Ancient Greeks may have refined the art of mosaics by embedding pebbles in mortar, but the Romans took the art form to a whole new level by using tesserae (cubes of stone, ceramic, or glass) to form intricate, colourful designs.

Roman mosaics are found all over the Roman Empire, depicting vivid pictures of ancient Roman life, dramatic athletic contests and even local wildlife. Now you can learn this iconic art form with this hands-on mosaic-making workshop in a beautiful studio in Trastevere. 

A master mosaicist will guide you through the ancient techniques behind mosaic-making using local marble tiles to create a traditional Roman mosaic to take home with you. Learn all about the history of this fascinating craft including texture, composition, and marble tile cutting. If you’re travelling, your mosaic will be placed in a secure box to keep it safe.

Book your Roman mosaic workshop experience here

If you’re looking for another artistic experience, join local artist Elena Sagresti as she teaches you how to work up a masterpiece in her painting class near Piazza Navona.

5. Make authentic pasta from scratch just a coin toss from the Trevi Fountain

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Pasta making workshop near the Trevi FountainAuthentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Learn to make ribbon pasta from scratchAre you ready to eat the best pasta of your life? If you want to make authentic Italian pasta at home, then you need to join this pasta-making workshop. Learn to do it all yourself in this pasta-making cooking class, from mixing the ingredients to kneading the dough, rolling it and shaping it. 

You’ll not only master the technique for creating the perfect ribbon pasta (tagliatelle, linguine, pappardelle and spaghetti), you’ll even learn how to make homemade pasta sauces from scratch, as well as traditional tiramisù! Afterwards, you’ll enjoy your freshly prepared food together for lunch. Buon appetito!

Book your pasta-making class here

6. Learn to make Gelato in an authentic Roman gelateria

Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Learn how to make gelato in a gelateriaWhen summer hits Rome, there’s nothing like cooling off with homemade gelato. Learn what it takes to make delicious gelato in this family-friendly artisan gelato-making class. Located in the laboratory of an authentic Roman gelateria, you’ll get hands-on experience as you learn how to make gelato step-by-step from a professional gelato maker. 

After this class, you’ll be able to identify the characteristics, ingredients, methods that make a buonissimo gelato. Plus, you’ll also receive handouts with easy recipes for you to try at home and impress your guests with.

Book your artisan gelato-making class here

7. Ride along the Ancient Appian Way

top 10 unusual things to do in rome via appia antica appian wayAuthentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals - Take Bike ride along the Ancient Appian Way and see the aqueductsAll roads lead to Rome….and the Ancient Appian Way is literally one of those roads! Also known as Via Appia, this 2,300-year-old cobblestone Roman road is one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic that connected Rome to Brindisi, all the way down in southeast Italy.

Today, this popular Roman hangout is also full of history and best explored on this e-bike tour with a local guide. The first 5 miles (8 km) of Via Appia is where you’ll see numerous monuments including an ancient sepulchre, a Roman statue, the ruins of a circus and an imperial palace, then Christian catacombs and Pagan mausoleums. Next, you’ll cut across the fields and be greeted by a real marvel of Roman engineering. As you pedal towards the horizon, ancient Roman aqueducts rise up before you making you gasp in awe. They are truly mesmerising.

Book your Appian Way e-bike tour here

That’s it! My top 7 favourite authentic tours and experiences to take in Rome run by locals. There are plenty more unique experiences that Romeing organise including these private tours. Want learn more about Italian food? Discover the best food tours in Rome click here or for more authentic local-run experiences in Rome, click here.

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Top 7 Authentic Tours in Rome Run by Locals That You Should Do

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